Skytrain Cargo


The LESSOR provides the aircraft, one or more complete crews (flight deck, cabin attendants and engineers) including their salaries but usually not their daily allowances, all maintenance for the aircraft and insurance, which usually includes hull and third party liability.

The LESSOR will charge for the block hour (choc off to choc on) and depending on the aircraft type, sets a minimum guaranteed block hours limit per month. If the airplane flies or not, the LESSEE must pay the amount for the minimum guaranteed block hours. The period can go from one month to usually one to two years. Everything less than one month can be considered as ad-hoc charter.

  • Increasing or decreasing of the seasonal demand
  • Aircrafts on ground due to scheduled or extraordinary maintenance
  • Political, Legislative or traffic rights restrictions
  • Start-up Airlines in need to simplify and accelerate the start of their operations.

  • Initial Aircraft positioning and final de-positioning
  • Crew ”Per Diem”
  • Crew movements and Hotel accommodation
  • Aircraft fuel and oil
  • Overflying, landing and passenger tax
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