Skytrain Cargo

Available Aircraft

Wherever you need to go and whatever you need to move, we’ll deliver a cost-effective, reliable aircraft charter solution.

The aircraft charter which can be offered to you includes:


  • Airbus: A320-200 (ACMI lease)
  • Airbus: A321-200 (ACMI lease)
  • Boeing: 737-300 (ACMI lease)
  • Boeing: 737-500 (ACMI lease)
  • Boeing: 737-300 FOR SALE in Pax and Cargo versions
  • Boeing: 737-400 FOR SALE in Pax version


  • Boeing: 747-200 Nose Loader (ACMI lease or charter)
  • Boeing: 737-300 Freighter (ACMI only)
  • Ilyushin: 76TD (ACMI lease or charter)

Skytrain Cargo Charter Benefits

  • 24/7 coverage and support through strategically located offices across the globe
  • immediate response to each and every request from a highly experienced and knowledgeable team
  • within 30 minutes you will receive the best offer for your request
  • dedicated professionals who combine local knowledge with a global perspective to find the best solution for any request you may have
  • in-house loading services team chooses the right aircraft for your shipment and optimizes the load
  • intimate knowledge of aircraft providers, airports and handling agents around the globe as well as local rules and regulations
  • active flight monitoring and regular flight updates from the moment of booking until final proof of delivery
  • impeccable service from an experienced team: the number of cargo charters Skytrain Airlines carries out each year makes us the best choice in cargo shipment
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