Skytrain Cargo


Skytrain Airlines Charter team are knowledgeable and highly motivated individuals who are specialized in the transportation of urgent consignments and planned project cargo using:

  • any type of dedicated aircraft
  • part charter
  • aircraft diversions
  • combinations of different transport modes

By their very nature most aircraft charter flights are a result of an emergency situation. When they offer the right, or even the only feasible, solution to avoid a production site downtime, a rig shutdown or to ensure that an urgently needed new product arrives in store on time when all commercial carriers are fully booked.

Skytrain Airlines can use air charters of any size, from a small SAAB 340 Freighter up to the large Antonov 124-100 to fly a huge range of commodities, from a few kilos or screws to an aircraft engine or 100 tons of concrete. Regardless the size of the load, individual dimensions or the individual parcel weight, Skyrain Airlines cargo team will assist you to find the best possible transport solution.

Skytrain Cargo Charter Benefits

  • 24/7 coverage and support through strategically located offices across the globe
  • immediate response to each and every request from a highly experienced and knowledgeable team
  • within 30 minutes you will receive the best offer for your request
  • dedicated professionals who combine local knowledge with a global perspective to find the best solution for any request you may have
  • in-house loading services team chooses the right aircraft for your shipment and optimizes the load
  • intimate knowledge of aircraft providers, airports and handling agents around the globe as well as local rules and regulations
  • active flight monitoring and regular flight updates from the moment of booking until final proof of delivery
  • impeccable service from an experienced team: the number of cargo charters Skytrain Airlines carries out each year makes us the best choice in cargo shipment
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